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The   Record Pressers

Our mission is to revitalize and restore the King Records legacy through commerce and community collaboration. We strive to create a cohesive environment between music education and promotion of the musical arts to further captivate the community.


The initial intention for this project was to create a space for the community that also recognized the influence King Records had on the history of music. We started by looking at the core aspects of King Records in its prime days and took the idea of in-house recording pressing to create a revenue generating facility along side other community focused spaces such as after school music education programs and rentable venue spaces. Consequently our design is made to bring the community together through collaborative spaces, and promote King’s legacy.

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To successfully engage the community with this space, we focused on creating multipurpose spaces that can create extra revenue for the community along side facilitating after-school programs for students and promoting local artists. By putting an education and production emphasis on the process of record pressing, we hope to bring back this evolutionary practice in music history.

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Our façade is simple, recognizable and eye-catching. We maintained the major elements of the original King Records façade being that the South façade is the most paramounted, marketed component of the building. While designing the billboard graphics, we kept in mind that it would need to be easily seen from I-71. In addition, the glowing extrusion of glazing from the record pressing area creates a sense of allure, drawing in curious viewers in hopes of finding out what this illuminated tube is really all about.

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