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Light And Color

The mission of the King Records Music Center is to transform King Records into a music-based community center that honors the legacy of King Records for today and for future generations. The future of King comes through education and this space seeks to provide that to the public. Our goal is to create a unique King Records music community center that brings people together into one place to share ideas, learn, and grow together.

We aim to create a unique experience within our space that gives people something to talk about. We want to bring people together in a central space to create the meshing of cultures that happened within King Records many years ago. We want to be an asset to the community and create a sense of acceptance and growth - keeping the memory of King alive for years to come.

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The focus of the interior is a cross-axis form that is occupied by the exhibition and performance areas. The intersection point of this cross-axis is highlighted with a large floating art fixture that plays with light to create a meshing of colors and patterns on the surface of the floor. This represents the meshing of ideas and cultures that happened at King Records when it was a recording studio. The cross-axis form begins framing the rest of the spaces as education, recording, and performance fit around the shape.

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The goal for the exterior of the building is to bring the image and mission of King Records to the face of the facility. Combining lines that reflect a musical staff and images of the King Records artists, there is no doubt to anyone driving down I-71 that this is King Records.

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