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King Records revitalization aims to connect the community to Cincinnati’s rich history, putting King Records back on the map – both in house, and everywhere you listen to music. We aim to create an impactful experience through the idea of pop-up spaces. Throughout the environment, patrons will experience vignettes that take King Records through time, creating a multifunctional ever-changing environment.

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The exhibit drives the design of our building. The track is the distinguishing feature of our design, where we tried to focus on the people that made King and what they produced while they were there. The track is divided into three categories: past, present, and future. In the past section, our exhibit displays history of King, along with artists and their work. In the present section, you can peer into a recording studio and a classroom to see the impact King has on people today and in the future section, we have a changing exhibit where local artists can display and sell their work. The other half of our design focuses on entertainment, where musicians, weddings, and after school programs can all take place.

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