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King's Revival

How might we revive King Records to become a space that grows alongside the generations of creators and artists of the future? What ultimately defines the legacy of King Records are the artists themselves. The musicians are who we still remember, the music they made and the impact they left. We want the space to be a tool for creatives and creators of the future generations. The same spunk and soul King left with their legacy we want to revive and pass along to the generations of tomorrow. We did this through an audacious design of innovative uses of technology through screens and projections. As the music industry is forever evolving, we gave King Records a space that could evolve with it. Our space is filled with digital murals, LED screens, and projectable spaces that are able to be programmed and changed dependent on the desired use of the space. During the day, an educational King’s History lesson could be projected while, during the night, a promotion for an artist could be shown. The options in our space are as endless as what music can transform into for the future.

exterior 2.PNG
exterior 1.PNG
exterior 3.PNG
blueprint 1.PNG
blueprint 2.PNG

As equally expressed in our separation of interior renders, our plan separates a guest experience from the experience and use of the community within our space. The left two bays are our bar/café, lobby, experience tunnel, and venue while the right bay holds our classrooms, practice rooms, recording studio, and educational facilities. The line between a guest experience and a permanent resident of the community begins to blur as the adaptability of the technology in our space allows for adaptable use and programming.

The central path of our design directs the user from the lobby, through our projected exhibition tunnel, and into our performance space. Our interpretation of performance was one of less tradition, and more innovation. The performance venue holds a circular stage in three movable parts, both in horizontal direction and vertical elevation. This allows for the venue to have multiple uses for the community and performers, as shown in the diagrams to the right. The top shows a daytime, educational use. The middle shows a special event use for the community. And, the bottom shows a nighttime performance use.

3d model 1.PNG
graph 1.PNG
graph 2.PNG
render 1.PNG
render 2.PNG
render 3.PNG
render 4.PNG
render 5.PNG
render 6.PNG
render 7.PNG
section 1.PNG
section 2.PNG
section 3.PNG
section 4.PNG
alt render 1.PNG
alt render 2.PNG
alt render 3.PNG
render 4.PNG
render 5.PNG
alt render 6.PNG
alt render 7.PNG
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