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Queen City Sound

“Queen City Sound” is a community hub focused on engaging and advocating the historical significance of King Records as an inclusive opportunity for the arts, education, recreation, and the celebration of music. The look and feel of the building was heavily influenced by 1950’s neon lighting which is paired with dark and reflective surfaces to guide guests through the space. In contrast to the modern feel of the exhibition, the central recording studios draw direct inspiration from studios during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The overall program prioritizes exhibition and recording as the main features of the space, teaching audiences all about who King was and its lasting effect on the music industry. While the exhibition and its interactive areas attract a wide audience, the building also features a venue/multipurpose space and classrooms for local community use.

For The Love of King render
For The Love of King blueprint
For The Love of King blueprint

The floor plan follows a radial grid orbiting the centralized recording studio. As guests enter they are immediately immersed in the neon lights and the King Logo, then begin their journey counter-clockwise around the gold-plated recording as they explore the history of King Records, interactive instruments, record production, and the recording process. The building also has a venue/multipurpose space, and the second floor features practice rooms and classrooms for music education. Neon Lights outline the existing features of the building, which created a bold and eye-catching view from the highway, especially at night. The lights also connect to the light strips on the floors and walls inside the building. On the west façade is a mural featuring some of King Record’s iconic artists, and on the South façade vis a mural featuring prominent people and places from the Evanston community.

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